In Case of a Modern Art Emergency, Break Glass

13 Ago


What is that thing at the gallery? Rick Clise, an American-born artist living in Australia, made this sculpture. He asks:

    What is art? Is it the concept or the execution of the work? What’s more important, the idea or the object? Is it simply that anything produced by an ‘artist’ is ‘art’? What is good art and what is important art? Why do some artists become ‘collectable’ while the rest can only wish to be? Why do some artists go in and out of favour? Does their art become more, then less important as a result? If a painting is well made but, without paint drips running down it, does that make it second rate when compared with the work of our superstars? If a five year old could make it is it still art?

    It’s simply overwhelming! Give me the answers!




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