Richard Kolker: ecco “Asylum”, progetto di mappatura architettonica sui manicomi

23 Giu

Oggi proponiamo un progetto di Richard Kolker, fotografo nato a Warrington, UK, nel 1969 e residente a Londra. “Asylums” usa la tecnica dell’architectural modelling per creare modelli 3D dei design di manicomi, basati sulle mappe originali e sulle fotografie aeree disponibili.


Ecco la sua descrizione più approfondita di ASYLUMS:

Up until the 19th century provision for the care of mentally ill or disabled members of society was left to family, friends or ‘Poor Law Workhouses’. Concerns over treatment led to a move to reform this care and in 1808 the County Asylum Act was passed and patients were moved to purpose built institutions that each UK county was obliged to provide.

These institutions were largely self-contained and were built as a tranquil retreat for those unable to afford care for themselves. By the end of the 19the century there were 120 Asylums in the UK housing 110,000 patients; the largest, Whittingham, had a population of almost 3000.
The 1990 Care in the Community Act heralded a complete change in Government policy and almost all of the institutions have now been closed.

The asylum buildings, their surroundings and interior decoration, with a combination of ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ colours, were designed to be part of the holistic treatment process. They were situated away from areas of urban development and patients were able to benefit from fresh circulating air and natural light.

“Asylums” uses the techniques of architectural modelling and visualisation to create 3D computer models of key asylum designs based on the original floor plans and available aerial photographs. The images are then rendered with the interior colours of the institutions they represent, to explore this intended relationship between design and treatment.



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