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Universal Everything: Presence

16 Set

The International Art Collective Enlists Benjamin Millepied for a Digitally Abstracted Performance

I found that myself and Benjamin Millepied had a shared motivation for breaking conventions, being inventive with technologies and finding new ways to represent the human form,” says Universal Everything-founder Matt Pyke, introducing today’s audio-visual performance he created with the renowned French choreographer and founding director of the vanguard LA Dance Project. Entitled Presence, Pyke’s digital art studio’s latest collaboration explores the intersection of human movement and computer coding, creating a CGI graphic flourish. It’s a pulsating film with bursts of color—“alive with primal expressions of gestural drawing and choreography,” says Pyke. Universal Everything’s grand installations have appeared in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and La Gaite Lyrique in Paris. The work is often partnered with sound composed by Matt’s brother Simon Pyke, as in today’s film, which forms part of the immersive, architectural installation Universal Everything & You, the inaugural exhibition of the London Science Museum’s new Media Space. “We had the dancers think about the multiple sculptures their bodies create as they move, and how these represent the music, the same rhythmic pulse,” explains Pyke of the way Nathan Makolandra and Julia Eichten reacted to the tribal-influenced electronic score as they were motion-captured for the piece. “There is a delicate balance in finding movements which feel alive, not synthetic. This point of tension is where the magic happens.”

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Heart to Mouth

15 Mar


L’artista olandese Bart Hess propone la sua versione viscerale dell’icona amorosa per eccellenza: il cuore. Tra la fetish fashion hi-tech e la pop art contemporanea di Jeff Koons.

Sheath your arrows: the voluptuous red heart, international symbol of love, is reimagined in this a visceral new short by genre-defying Dutch artist Bart Hess. With echoes of high-tech fetish fashion and Jeff Koons’ contemporary pop art classic “Hanging Heart,” Hess’ latest video stages a Sapphic encounter from within crimson latex balloons. “I want to create a tension between the body and material—almost as though they become one,” says the multidisciplinary creative, whose work at the edge of sensation has included collaborations with Nick Knight and Lucy McRae, a neon fantasy for Tod’s and a head-to-toe slime outfit for the artwork to Lady Gaga’s last album Born This Way. Here Hess turns to fringe science, confessing a fascination with the mysterious phenomenon of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). “It’s a physical sensation that most people describe as a tingling in the head or a ‘brain orgasm’ that can be caused by all kinds of sounds,” he explains of the intense experience, which, if you believe its proponents, can be provoked by online uploads of mundane tasks. “One video that definitely triggers something with me is of a woman playing with a balloon. Together with an amazing team I translated the idea into my own short.”

What material are the balloons made from?
Bart Hess: They’re actually just normal balloons, but giant. I wanted to create the feeling that the balloons were made of fluid metal, so we made them really shiny with loads of lube.

Could the models breathe in there?
BH: Yes, of course! We tested with the balloons for weeks to make sure it was safe. You can actually stay in there for about 10 minutes but for the shoot we only did takes of two minutes. We were really lucky with the models—they weren’t scared at all and knew how to pose, even with two-meter balloons on their heads.

Any risqué anecdotes from the set?
BH: We were shooting this amazing shot of the girls’ interaction. After some minutes I felt the models should get some fresh air. With my Dutch accent I said “Girls it is time to breathe now!” Awkwardly, the girls thought I said, “Girls, it is time to breed now!”

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Christine Sun Kim: la sperimentazione lo-fi sul suono da parte di un’artista non udente

11 Mar

christine sun kimTodd Selby ritrae il lavoro dell’artista Christine Sun Kim, non udente dalla nascita: ecco la sua sperimentazione lo-fi, che vuole tradurre il suono tramite movimenti. materiali ed immagini.

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Todd Selby x Christine Sun Kim
The Selby Profiles Deaf Performance Artist Sun Kim’s Sonic Experiments

Cult photographer and filmmaker Todd Selby’s latest short is a revealing portrait of performance artist Christine Sun Kim. Deaf from birth, Kim turned to using sound as a medium during an artist residency in Berlin in 2008, and has since developed a practice of lo-fi experimentation that aims to re-appropriate sound by translating it into movement and vision. “It’s a lot more interesting to explore a medium that I don’t have direct access to and yet has the most direct connection to society at large,” says the artist. “Social norms surrounding sound are so deeply ingrained that, in a sense, our identities cannot be complete without it.” Selby filmed an exclusive performance from Kim in a Brooklyn studio as the artist played with field recordings of the street sounds of her Chinatown neighborhood, feedback and helium balloons, and made “seismic calligraphy” drawings from ink- and powder-drenched quills, nails and cogs dancing across paper to the vibrations of subwoofers beneath. Working with sound designer Arrow Kleeman, Selby carefully choreographed the film’s ambient score to reveal the Orange County native’s unique relationship with sound. “Her work deals with reclaiming sound because it’s a foreign world to her and one she’s not comfortable in,” explains Selby. “I wanted the film to act as an artistic conduit for her to tell her story to the world.”