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Fra tipografia e scultura: Pawel Nolbert

27 Giu


Un connubio fra pittura, tipografia, scrittura e digital art. Pawel Nolbert descrive se stesso con questa frase: “I envision, develop and visualise avant-garde ideas“.
Ha creato la serie atypical, dei poster che riprendono i caratteri tipografici ma sono realizzati con un procedimento misto fra pittura che diventa scrittura e digital art.

A noi piace per i colori che mettono allegria e l’aver utilizzato più step tecnologici per una realizzazione efficace.




Cheong-ah Hwang e le sue eteree sculture di carta

11 Dic



Siamo rimaste affascinate dalle sculture di carta in 2D e 3D dell’artista coreano Cheong-ah Hwang, che al momento lavora a Columbus, Ohio.


Sito: http://www.papernoodle.com/
Fonte: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/12/new-paper-hummingbirds-by-cheong-ah-hwang/


Inside Out – Richard Serra

11 Nov

richard serra

Inside Out, 2013
Weatherproof steel
158 x 982 x 482 1/2 inches (401.3 x 2,494.3 x 1,225.6 cm)

Richard Serra, scultore nato a San Francisco nel 1939, lavora il metallo e fa parte del Process Art Movement.
Quest’opera è alla galleria d’arte contemporanea Gagosian Gallery, di New York.



Vincent Mauger

14 Ott

vincent mauger

Vincent MaugerSans titre


Nathan Sawaya: come usare i LEGO nella scultura

25 Giu

nathan lego

A noi ha colpito la sua rappresentazione con le lego delle rotture dell’essere umano.

Nathan Sawaya (born July 10 1973), is a New York-based artist who builds custom three-dimensional sculptures and large-scale mosaics from popular everyday items and is best known for his work with standard LEGO toy bricks. His unique art creations are commissioned by companies, charities, individuals, museums and galleries all over the world.


Anish Kapoor: scultura e meccanica unite dalla cera

11 Giu


My Red Homeland, 2003
Anish Kapoor

Memory’s isolation from the rest of the exhibition is its strength. This is also true for My Red Homeland (2003), 25 tons of wax and oil-based paint, which is continuously being shaped by a mechanical revolving blade. Located in the new MCA Mordant wing, it is best viewed from a Juliet balcony on the upper level of the building. The success of these two works highlights the problem with all of Kapoor’s gallery exhibitions, where less is most definitely more. The more works we encounter, the less individually compelling they become.

The most appropriate setting for his work becomes immediately obvious when one leaves the MCA. Outside, in front of the old gallery façade, angled toward the sky, is the monumental Sky Mirror (2006). Reflections of clouds scudding across its brilliantly polished surface give the viewer the sensation of at once gazing into infinity while being anchored to the temporal. The enigmatic Kapoor might be mad, as he claims, but if such madness can deliver such moments of sublime joy, then really, who cares what he says.

(fonte: http://artasiapacific.com/Blog/AnishKapoorAtTheMuseumOfContemporaryArtSydney )


Magdalena Abakanowicz

26 Mar

Oggi parliamo di una scultrice polacca: Magdalena Abakanowicz. Negli anni Settanta e Ottanta, produsse una serie di figure / non-figure umanoidi fatte di pezzi di saio grezzo, uniti da resina sintetica.

Ecco un esempio di questa sua ricerca dell’astratto e dell’ambiguità:

magdalena abakanowicz